Steamboat Summer

New comissioned work for National Youth Ballet 30th Anniversary Season 2017 (Artistic Director: Mikah Smilie)

Title: Steamboat Summer

Music: Raymond Fol

Projection: Kenneth MacLeod

Lighting: Andrew Ellis

Costumes: Tessa Balls

Rehearsal Assistant: Charlotte Goffin

Dancers: 37

‘Steamboat Summer’ is inspired by the music of Raymond Fol and his jazzy take on Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’. The ballet is set in the late 1920s on board a steamboat trip down the Mississippi. We meet the various characters on board, see a blossoming romance and a experience a dramatic power cut and storm…

Performed as part of ‘Time in Motion’ at the Crescent Theatre Birmingham and Sadler’s Wells London, August/September 2017

Rehearsal photos: Sean Purser