“Arcadia shows the burgeoning talent of yet another emerging female choreographer, Ruth Brill… She is certainly on the rise.”

Graham Watts, Critics’ Circle

“Brill is establishing a career as a choreographer. Peter and the Wolf shows a sharp eye for movement and storytelling.”

Zoë Anderson, The Independent

“Brill's Peter and the Wolf is a gem of a dance – it's funny and packed full of character and yet still ensures a great deal of technical skill from its cast.”

Weekend Notes Magazine




Tyrone Singleton – Arcadia Rehearsal images
Richard Battye – Poster and promotional
Christina Everington / Granville Road – Ballerina
Roy Smiljanic – Hit On All Sixes
Andrew Ross – Tempo Di Pollacca
Brian Mengini – London Calling
Craig Gibson – Dirt and Glory Media
Peter Teigen
Sian Trenberth
Tim Cross
Photography by ASH
David Neale
Laurent Liotardo
Sean Purser
Patrick Baldwin