“Beautifully constructed”

Dancing Times

“Her work could be described as... well, brilliant.”

Stage Talk Magazine

“Brill's ballet is bright, busy and fits the dancers like a glove”

David Mead


Ruth Brill Choreographer

My passion for choreography is fired by two elements, music and narrative. For me music is the driving force and inspiration for movement. Musicality and versatility have always been hugely important to me as a dancer, and I seek to express this in my choreography. Storytelling and characterisation feed my imagination. When I create a piece, I strive to weave these strands together into a coherent whole. I aspire to make a strong connection with the audience to communicate, create a mood, move and entertain.

I am fortunate that my career has given me the opportunity to work with individual dancers, small groups and a whole company. Through the process of creating new pieces, I have also worked with talented composers, musicians, designers, lighting and costume-makers. My own vision has been enriched by the contributions of these other professionals. Keeping an open mind, listening, but maintaining my integrity, has been crucial in my growth as a creative artist.

Most of all, I find that the most incredible thing about choreography is that, starting from nothing, something new is created, which lives in performance and communicates with an audience.

As a child, there was always music at home. My childhood was spent watching musicals with my mum, selecting music with my dad and then creating full shows at home. My dad is a sound engineer and radio presenter and there is a family tradition in film and theatre. Born in Kent, I trained locally in the Cecchetti method. I went to main stream school and gained wide experience in acting and musical theatre. I enjoyed working with different choreographers, in different styles in various youth ballet companies. This fuelled my passion for story-telling in live theatre. I trained in a broad range of dance styles and drama, alongside the core of classical training, at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. On graduation, I won the Choreographic Cup. Although performance had always been my first motivation, perhaps this was an indication of my future direction. I continued at English National Ballet School and graduated into the company.

After five years, I moved to Birmingham Royal Ballet, attracted by their broader repertoire, with its mix of ‘masterworks’ and the opportunity to work with David Bintley, a choreographer himself. I took advantage of the chance to develop through the in-house choreography workshops and was given my first chance to create for the company in 2014. My works for BRB include Matryoshka and Rhapsody in Blue. I have also created work for Elmhurst School for Dance, Birmingham Weekender Festival and The Rugby World Cup. My first main stage commission for Birmingham Royal Ballet Arcadia, premiered 2017.

I am currently a First Artist with Birmingham Royal Ballet. My favourite roles include Nutcracker Sweeties (Sugar Rum Cherry), Still Life At The Penguin Café (The Great Auk), Elite Syncopations, Hobson’s Choice (Maggie, Lily of Laguna Duet), Romeo and Juliet (Nurse, Romeo’s Harlot), Nutcracker (Spanish), Swan Lake (Pas de Quatre), Dumpy, one of the sisters (Cinderella) and In The Upper Room (Stompers).