Genesis Dance Project

The Genesis Dance Project is a spectacular new ballet set to six iconic songs by rock giants Genesis, created by some of today’s most exciting choreographers – Ruth Brill, Wayne Eagling, Kristen McNally and Valentino Zucchetti. This work to forms a major part of the New English Ballet Theatre autumn season 2023.

Ruth shares her inspiration for The Cinema Show:

“Inspired by the Genesis track of the same name, The Cinema Show follows the fantasy of two lovers meeting for the first time,  who happen to be named Romeo & Juliet. Mystical Tiresius controls all. His corps act as the barometer for the action and help to shape the lovers’ fate.

Working with lyrics, I felt the need to capture the essence of the named characters and narrative in the song. I worked with dramaturg Lou Cope. I hope I’ve also captured a surreal atmosphere, somewhere between the real world and fantasy.

I’m looking forward to revisiting this piece, which was originally created as a dance film in autumn 2021. I always find it fascinating setting an existing work on a new group of dancers, and seeing how it evolves by letting them make it their own.”