CHRYSALIS UK part of an international film series curated by Hannah von Wiehler (nee Schneider). The series focuses on the exploration of the doubt, which comes before hope and transformation. Inspired by the transformation of the chrysalis, my vision for the film is to explore the maturing of child to adult. I seek to express the fragility of the male dancer, through the phases of life’s journey. It stars Principal dancer and star of Birmingham Royal Ballet, Brandon Lawrence and a young star in the making, Jakob Bryan. The work has a newly commissioned score by Carol J Jones, played by the Oxford Alternative Orchestra. The film is produced by Four Eyes Film Productions.

This project brings together the elements of dance, music, film through a shared creative vision. We seek to create a balanced film, showcasing and celebrating each of the contributing artists and elements – dancers, musicians, film makers. I’m passionate about the collaborative process and enjoy sharing ideas, contributing to a positive process and coherent whole. This is a project which speaks of the times we have been working through, and that hope will prevail and we will emerge more creative than ever.

I hope you enjoy!