BBC Dance Passion Film

Art meets science – With exciting new choreography by Ruth Brill, this interactive short film highlights the different physiological, psychological and bio-mechanical demands of different dance genres.

‘Beneath Still Waters’ provides an insight into the hidden physical cost of dance. Dance is enjoyable to watch but we rarely understand how hard it is for the dancer. This film will enhance your appreciation of dancers as athletes, and of dance as an art form.

Through interviews with both creatives and scientists, the viewer can explore the creative process and the science in greater depth. They share a detailed unpicking of specific movements and perspectives on the physical demands. The new choreography showcases the dancers’ versatility, skill and artistry within their dance genre. Using a telemetric gas analysis and a XSENS suit, this state-of-the-art equipment provides real-time heart rate data, oxygen consumption, 3D motion capture, limb movement mapping and reveals the joint forces involved.

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Direction & Choreography – Ruth Brill

Concept & Science – Professor Matt Wyon

Videography & Producer – Craig Bush / TAKT Productions

Performers – Francesca Goode, Daisy West, Vidya Patel, Kieron Faller

About BBC Dance Passion…
Dance Passion is a collaboration between BBC Arts and One Dance UK and is supported by funding from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants programme. BBC Arts and One Dance UK, along with BBC Connected Studio, are proud to be working with a network of dance companies, independent artists and technical providers to showcase dance talent from the UK. It is aimed at those who love dance and those who don’t yet know they love dance.

About Interactive Projects…
Interactive experiences position the audience in such a way that they are not passive consumers, onlookers or viewers and instead incorporate varying degrees of flexibility, personalisation and unpredictability. Moreover, the relationship between elements are not governed by the creators, but are controlled by the audience.