Music: John Harle
Choreography:  Ruth Brill
Costume and set design: Atena Ameri
Lighting Designer: Peter Teigen

First Performance: 5 May 2017, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Main stage premiere: 21 June 2017, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham
World premiere: 21 June 2017, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham
London premiere: 3 November 2017, Sadler’s Wells, London

The ancient god Pan is unleashed, as Ruth Brill makes her first commissioned piece for the main stage, to a new score composed by renowned saxophonist John Harle.

Arcadia draws inspiration directly from Greek mythology. The ballet presents an evocation of the landscape of Arcadia, a mountainous region of Greece and pastoral paradise.

While not telling the full story of a single myth, it explores the dual nature of Pan, the God of Arcadia. He is half man, half animal. Through his interaction with Selene, Goddess of the moon, he is uplifted and transformed.

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Arcadia – Promotional Film from Ruth Brill on Vimeo.