“Arcadia shows the burgeoning talent of yet another emerging female choreographer, Ruth Brill… She is certainly on the rise.”

Graham Watts, Critics’ Circle

“Brill is establishing a career as a choreographer. Peter and the Wolf shows a sharp eye for movement and storytelling.”

Zoë Anderson, The Independent

“Brill's Peter and the Wolf is a gem of a dance – it's funny and packed full of character and yet still ensures a great deal of technical skill from its cast.”

Weekend Notes Magazine

Red Lips & High Kicks Podcast

I was invited to be a guest on a podcast called Red Lips & High Kicks by Lydia Holt. It’s available now on Apple & Google podcasts & Spotify!

Ruth Brill on Lockdown, Resilience and Avoiding Regret

This week I chat to Ruth Brill about lockdown life, her journey to becoming a choreographer and the power of learning your strengths. Ruth is insightful and inspiring and it’s a must listen for those learning to love themselves.

I talk to choreographer and ex-ballet dancer Ruth Brill about the experiences she had at school, learning to find her strengths and the power of prospective. Ruth is an important voice to hear because she had an unconventional route to become a professional ballet dancer and she lets us in on how that made her the resilient dancer she is today. We discuss the pitfalls of a subjective art and how crucial it is to learn to be okay with not being everyone’s favourite. Enjoy!


Red Lips And High Kicks, Episode 7, July 2020 – Podcast by Lydia Holt