“Beautifully constructed”

Dancing Times

“Her work could be described as... well, brilliant.”

Stage Talk Magazine

“Brill's ballet is bright, busy and fits the dancers like a glove”

David Mead

Arcadia Premiere

The countdown to the premiere of Arcadia has begun. This one act ballet will be my first main stage commission for Birmingham Royal Ballet. I’m very excited as we’re at a stage now where all the elements are coming together. At BRB HQ I’ve been working hard in the studio with my inspiring cast of dancers. Atena Ameri, the designer, has finalised the designs and we’ve had prototype costume fittings. The costumes are now being made and the backdrop will be painted by Jon Goodwin next week. Peter Teigen, the lighting designer and I have been brainstorming ideas to create the world of Arcadia. The challenging task of working with a new score is being guided by Paul Murphy, Principal Conductor. The music has always been the first inspiration for me. John Harle’s atmospheric score is at the heart of this ballet. We are so fortunate that this highly renowned saxophonist will be playing live at the performances.


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